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"Geological exploration" is the investigation and research activity of determining the appropriate bearing layer, determining the foundation type and calculating the basic parameters according to the bearing capacity of the foundation through various means and methods.

For important mineral deposit found in mineral prospecting,we need to find out the quantity and quality of the mineral, confirm the exploitation technical conditions,and provide mineral reserves and geological data that is needed by mine construction design,then make further research work (such as rock, strata, structure, mineral geology, hydrology, geomorphology researching) in a certain region.

In geological prospecting, rock samples are often drilled to analyze the formation. PDC coring bit can perfectly solve this requirement.Samples can also be obtained by core drilling, that is, physical samples such as cores, cuttings, liquids, and gases can be obtained by drilling, so that people can scientifically understand the local geographical environment. In addition, we can also observe underground geological conditions and underground fluid dynamics by drilling.

Except for sampling drilling,PDC drill bit also play a important role in city construction industry,such as subway construction, natural gas pipeline construction, ground pile construction and so on.

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