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Mines include coal mines,metal mines,non metal mines,construction material and chemical mines and so on.Mine scale (also called production capacity) is usually expressed in annual output or daily output. Annual output means the ore production quantity in one year. According to the size of annual output,mines can be divided into large,medium and small 3 kinds mines.

The main way to reduce mining cost is to improve labor productivity and product quality and reduce material consumption

In order to save construction cost and reduce the cost in the process of mine production,the reasonable and economic service life need to match with mines size.In the process of mineral production,mining extraction is not only the biggest consumption of resources and founds, but also the most potential to reduce the mining cost of production.

Drilling is an important link and means of oil,gas,coal and other mineral resource exploration and development. Choosing proper drill bits could help you improve efficiency and save cost.

We provide PDC drill bits,DTH drill bits for you.In addition,we will recommend suitable PCD cutters for your drill bits according to your rock stratum.

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