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Petroleum products play a very wide range of roles and functions in social and economic development, and the refined products have penetrated into every aspect of people's life.In petroleum exploration and oilfield development tasks, the drilling plays a very important role, such as oil and gas construction, finding and confirming for industrial oil flow, proving oil (gas) structure of oil and gas area and reserves, obtaining relevant fields and development of geological data etc., all are done through drilling.

Drilling bit have a huge impact in drilling speed, drilling cost and quality. PDC bit is widely used in today's oil and gas exploration and development industry.Compared to other bits, PDC drilling bit with PCD cutters could work in low pressure, low rotational speed and has long service life, high drilling efficiency. It effectively improves the mechanical drilling tools, shorten the drilling cycle, has been widely used in hard, soft texture,and soft hard moderate formation.

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