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Metal manufacturing, is a kind of technology to process metal material to become parts of component, including large parts such as the parts of the bridge,ship,and small components such as engine, jewelry, watches and so on. it is widely used in different sectors such as science,industrial,art,crafts etc.

Metal products including: tooling,fixture,general hardware accessories, bearings, locks, mold, mechanical equipment, fasteners, metal, screwdriver,Instruments, plumbing hardware and hardware.

Ylkky provides PCD and PCBN materials to help customers in the field of metal manufacturing to ensure product quality, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, and achieve greater profits.

Our PCD blanks is used in a wide range of cutting, grinding, drilling, shearing or polishing,sawing in fields of wood processing,drilling,mining,automotive,aerospace, mechanical,construction,optical industry etc.The Ideal processing materials include carbon fibre and ceramics chipboard, MDF, particle board, HDF, and many composite materials including solid surface, fiberglass and phenolic,high-silicon aluminium, metal matrix composite & carbon fibre reinforced plastic,ferrous alloys.

Specially,our PCD material apply to PCD drill bit cutters, a range of PDC and tungsten carbide inserts, PDC bearings and a variety of tungsten carbide wear parts suitable for a variety of down hole tools. Such as it can be used in valves, bearings and turbine components to extend component life and save costs.

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