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Coal is the most abundant and widely distributed fossil fuel on the earth,be hailed as “the black gold” and ” the food of industry”.It has been one of the main energy sources used by human in the world since the 18th century. Coal mines are generally divided into well working coal mines and open pit coal mines.

Drilling is an important link and means of oil and gas resource exploration and development.PDC drill bit has high efficiency and effectiveness in the most common coal drilling stable characteristics, especially suitable for high-speed drilling of shale, limestone and sandstone formations.

For different types of drilling, corresponding drilling methods, flushing media, drilling tools, casing head structures, wellhead devices and other technical measures should be taken.

Coal shearer machine is used to cut coal and gangue with the ruggedness coefficient f no more than 6 (unidirectional compressive strength no more than 60MPa).We have flat shape pick and conical shape pick for customers’ choice.

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