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Henan Henan Ylkky Mining Technology Co., Ltd

Henan Henan Ylkky Mining Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise,which specialized in researching and developing,manufacturing,selling and servicing for composite super hard materials.

Our mainly products include:1.PCD cutters ;2.PDC drill bit;3.PCD cutting tool blanks;4.PCD wire drawing die;5.Cutting picks;6.Diamond grinding wheel;7.Laser cutting machine;8.DTH drill bit.

Henan Ylkky Mining Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2016,and the ministry of foreign trade was established in 2018.Ylkky is a joint venture enterprise,whose registered fund is 5 million RMB and the technology come from China and foreign countries. Ylkky is one of the first mastering core technology of composite super hard material companies in China.In 2016,the first batch of diamond composites for oil drilling was successfully sintered and then put into the market in large quantities, providing a stable supply for the drilling industry in the international market.With the stability of products, continuous improvement of product manufacturing process and continuous strengthening of raw material properties, Ylkky is committed to providing targeted solutions about composite super hard material for customers at home and abroad, and is regarded by customers as the pioneer of universal composite super hard material.

With super achievement,insisting professional development road,owing classic R&D teams,Ylkky leads the development of this industry. As a follower of the Belt and Road Initiative policy,Ylkky set up a sino-foreign R&D team to research different formulations according to different rock stratum and produce super hard material processed by various kind rock and metal .

Material decides the strength of drilling and process.Ylkky has provided strong support for the development of manufacturing industry, especially the progress of oil drilling and production technology, geological exploration, mechanical processing, woodworking processing, greatly improve the breadth and depth of China’s oil exploration,geological exploration and mechanical processing,providing positive contributions for China’s energy security. Ylkky has become one of the most reliable and valuable brands in the world's super hard materials industry.

Development History

  • 2018

    our company was jointly confirmed as “innovative pilot enterprise”by provincial department of science and other departments.
  • 2017

    our company passed the certification of “Quality,environment,occupational health and safety management system”.
  • 2016

    our company is selected as "zhengzhou 2016 annual hundred high industrial enterprises" by the district government of guancheng district of zhengzhou city.
    Our company was awarded "the 8th zhengzhou city mayor quality prize".Our our company will always firmly insist the “quality first” philosophy and consciously carry forward the spirit of honest and trustworthy, continuous improvement, innovation and development, pursuing excellent quality,continuously improving the quality level,promoting Zhengzhou's economic development to the "quality time",to make new and greater contributions for accelerating the construction of national central cities.


  • Business philosophy

    Cultivate R & D talents, create first-class products, and be a first-class enterpris
  • Quality Philosophy

    Ylkky's reputation, diamond quality, material optimization
  • Competitive concept

    Centered on the market, master the core technology, constantly innovate
  • Management Philosophy

    People-oriented, strengthen team spirit building
  • R & D philosophy

    Continuous innovation, innovation gains benefits
  • Sales Philosophy

    Focus on products with high quality and meeting customer requirements,and serve customers wholeheartedly
  • Service Philosophy

    Meet the requirements of customers as the ultimate goal, establish and maintain a good reputation in the industry

Technological innovation

Constantly innovating technologies to lead the development of enterprises. Ylkky has established the core position of innovation in the company's development strategy, upholding the concept of "based on itself and cooperative innovation", built a multi-level innovation system from the two levels of innovation support system and innovation business system, and clarified the key areas of innovation Direction of development.

From the perspective of corporate profits, technological innovation begins with research and development and is finally realized in the market.

In this sense, Ylkky's technological innovation is the engine of Ylkky's sustainable development, making Ylkky a domestic high-tech enterprise.

Ylkky adheres to the "market-centered, mastering core technology and constantly innovating" competition concept. On the one hand, it continuously optimizes the top products around the comprehensive improvement of the product's physical and mechanical properties, and on the other hand, pursues the suitability of product performance. The different focuses of product development are targeted at multi-faceted and multi-level products. The successive introduction of new products has won the favor of new and old customers, and realized the development pattern of the domestic and foreign markets going hand in hand.

From the perspective of social benefits, technological innovation begins with invention and finally spreads.

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